The 8 Best Countries for Expats, According to Expats

Philippines: Affordable Living

Known for its low cost of living and affordable housing, making it appealing to expats seeking financial comfort.

Costa Rica: Expat Communities

Offers established expat communities, facilitating smooth integration and fostering friendships among newcomers.

Thailand: High Salaries, Low Cost

Attracts expats with its combination of high salaries and low living expenses, providing ample disposable income for a comfortable lifestyle.

Taiwan: Top-notch Healthcare

Renowned for its excellent healthcare system, offering both affordable and quality medical care to expats.

Malaysia: Affordable Housing, Diverse Exploration

Offers affordable housing options and abundant opportunities for exploration, with beautiful beaches and easy access to neighboring countries.

Panama: Convenient Expat Living

Conveniently located between North and South America, Panama provides a thriving expat community and a blend of local and expat lifestyles.

Spain: Work-Life Balance

Promotes happiness and healthiness with its emphasis on work-life balance, generous vacation allowances, and healthy Mediterranean diet.

Mexico: Best Overall

Topped the list as the best country for expats, offering ease of settling in, financial comfort, and world-class amenities like food and beaches.