9 Healthy Recipes for Sustainable Fish and Seafood

Smørrebrød with Herring, Beets & Arugula

This traditional Danish open-faced sandwich, known as smørrebrød, features pickled herring, beets, and arugula atop hearty bread. It's a flavorful and satisfying option for breakfast or brunch

Mussels with White Beans & Tomatoes

Don't let cooking mussels intimidate you; this recipe makes it quick and easy. With the addition of white beans, this classic mussels-in-white-wine-sauce dish transforms into a heartier weeknight meal.

Crispy Baked Catfish

This baked catfish features a crispy cornmeal coating with a Cajun spice kick, while remaining flaky and moist on the inside. It's served with tartar sauce, lemon wedges, or hot sauce, and pairs perfectly with a green salad

Maryland Oyster Stew

This delicate oyster soup recipe is perfect for any occasion. By using primarily low-fat milk and increasing the amount of vegetables, this stew is made healthier without sacrificing flavor. Serve with crusty bread to enjoy every last drop

Black Bass with Sautéed Vegetables & Cioppino Jus

Black bass is paired with a bold cioppino-inspired jus in this flavorful seafood recipe. While the jus takes some time to make, it's worth the effort. Leftover jus can be used as a base for bloody marys, risotto

Fried Porgies

Porgy, also known as scup or bream, is battered and fried in this delicious recipe. The medium-fatty, firm-fleshed white fish takes well to frying, resulting in a crispy exterior and moist interior. Serve with tartar sauce for a classic seafood dish.

Grilled Oysters with Garlic-Herb Butter

Grilled oysters are a treat, with their shells popping open when cooked on the grill. A simple garlic herb butter adds richness and flavor to these impressive appetizers, perfect for entertaining or special occasions.

Black Bass Packets in Curry-Coconut Broth

Savoy cabbage leaves are used to wrap black bass and julienned vegetables in this elegant seafood dish. The packets trap steam to keep the fish moist while cooking, and are served nestled in a flavorful curry-coconut broth.

Oysters au Gratin with Spinach & Breadcrumbs

Baked oysters are elevated with spicy spinach and breadcrumbs in this succulent dish. It's a delightful combination of flavors and textures, perfect for showcasing the natural richness of oysters while adding a spicy kick.