8 Best Places to Retire in Texas, According to Local Experts

Known for its natural beauty and low crime rate, Kerrville offers a comfortable lifestyle with amenities like parks, art galleries, and the Guadalupe River. With a median home price around $350,000, it's an attractive option in central Texas.

Kerrville, Texas:

Founded by German immigrants, Fredericksburg boasts a charming Main Street lined with shops and restaurants. It's also home to wineries, farms, and orchards, making it an ideal place to live with a median home value ranging from $416,700 to $540,684.

Fredericksburg, Texas:

A planned suburban community near Houston, The Woodlands offers outdoor activities, parks, and quality healthcare. With a median home price of $615,000, it provides a high quality of life and diverse housing options.

The Woodlands, Texas:

Houston's diverse neighborhoods cater to various lifestyles, from suburban areas to vibrant city living. With a Museum District and excellent healthcare facilities, it's a desirable place to live with housing costs varying across the city and suburbs.

Houston, Texas:

Positioned near the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi appeals to beach enthusiasts and retirees with its casual lifestyle and affordable housing, with a median home price of approximately $264,000.

Corpus Christi, Texas:

Known as the "Barbecue Capital of Texas," Lockhart offers small-town charm and an affordable cost of living with a median home price of $290,000. Its proximity to Austin makes it a popular day trip destination.

Lockhart, Texas:

With a vibrant cultural scene and moderate weather, Austin attracts retirees seeking diverse neighborhoods and retirement communities. Housing costs vary, but the city offers options for renters and buyers in different price ranges.

Austin, Texas:

San Antonio's affordability, excellent healthcare, and welcoming culture make it a top destination for retirees. With a median home price of $274,000, it offers a comfortable lifestyle with plenty of recreational activities and volunteer opportunities.

San Antonio, Texas: